Our organization is not organized for profit but rather operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare, particularly the protection of physicians’ and patients’ rights through advocacy and lobbying efforts designed to:

  • preserve the fundamentally confidential and sacred nature of the physician-patient relationship;
  • ensure that a patient’s private medical information — protected by his doctor — is never invaded by state actors, business entities or commercial interests for any reason
  • ensure that the practice of medicine remains the province of licensed physicians – as opposed to laypersons, artificial entities, or governmental agencies;
  • ensure that the rights of physicians to exercise their best medical judgments using appropriate standards of care on behalf of their patients is neither interfered with nor eroded by unlicensed entities or actors; and
  • ensure that patients’ rights both within the doctor-patient relationship and in the larger healthcare arena are preserved.

Our 501(c)(4) paperwork has been filed with the IRS and recognition is pending.

“It is not, what a lawyer tells me I may do… but what humanity, reason, and justice, tells me I ought to do.”

Edmund Burke